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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh I'd Roll In Her Deep, Alright.

OK, so by the title I used, today no one can accuse me of being a feminist. Nope, today I'm just your average Joe-Ann who thinks Adele is gorgeous and wants to get all up in it. Her talent kinda knocks the wind outta me on a daily basis, and yes, I also enjoy listening to her speak on occasion. And by "occasion," I obviously mean ANY TIME I POSSIBLY CAN.

Thanks to reader Bree for sending me this 3-song mini concert that was apparently filmed in my basement.

That little face she pulls when she's hitting certain words/notes, is what we supermodels-slash-world famous singers call 'puttin' the STANK on it.' Its what Patti Labelle would call singing your FACE off.

I enjoy how cold she seems to be in this...and how utterly British she is dressed to combat the freezing tempuratures. I do believe Adele's existence is the direct result of one of my Weird Science-esque woman generating sessions. I thought they were all for naught. But its women like Adele, Aisha Tyler, and Carey Mulligan who provide evidence to the contrary. See, All of My Teachers From 3rd Grade to 12th?? All of that staring out the window during class DID pay off. You are welcome, World.

Am I the only one who always notices a little sadness when Adele speaks or sings? I know she's singing sad love or lost love songs for the most part, but even when she's talking about something that makes her laugh (which is quite often:-) ), it seems to come with a tinge of melancholy. Adele honey, come hang with me. I'll make you feel better...

Rolling in the deep.

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